The hall is empty. But not empty.
October 2005


Doorspace is safe and sacred. Doorspace is emblematic and problematic. Doorspace is blue and also red and also woodgrained. Numbered and missing numbers. Sequential and lacking order. Silent and voluminous. And blurred. And papered. Scotch-tape layered. And coveted. And bureacratized. And mundane. And empty. Thrice-painted, twice-scraped, double-sided. Doorspace is mine and yours; it's proprietary and shared.

This experimental hypertext invites you to explore the relationship between doors, the spaces they secure and the cultural patterns represented in such common institutional spaces. Conceptually, the project hinges on questions of methodology: what are the fissures and creases between discourse analysis, ethnographic observation and spatial encounters? How do our research questions, simply by refering to the doors as objects, activities or sites, resonate with generic methodological orientations?

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